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Selected Articles

  • “Measuring Corporate Culture Using Machine Learning”, with Kai Li, Rui Shen, and Xinyan Yan, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming, 2020.
  • “Empirical Analysis of Multi-Task Learning for Reducing Model Bias in Toxic Comment Detection”, with Ameya Vaidya and Yue Ning, 14th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), 2020. [download]
  • “Operational Efficiency and Patient-Centered Healthcare: A View from Online Physician Reviews”, with Dong-Gil Ko, Zhe (Jay) Shan, and Dawei (David) Zhang, Journal of Operations Management, 65(4), 2019. [download]
  • “The Roles Bots Play in Wikipedia”, with Lei (Nico) Zheng, Christopher Albano, Neev Vora, and Jeffrey Nickerson, Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction (ACM CSCW), 2019. [download][code & data]
  • “The Effect of Online Reviews on Product Sales: A Joint Sentiment-Topic Analysis”, with Xiaolin Li and Chaojiang Wu, Information & Management, 56(2), 2019. [download]
  • “Deep learning models for bankruptcy prediction using textual disclosures”, with Shaonan Tian, Chihoon Lee, and Ling Ma, European Journal of Operational Research, 274(2), 2019. [download] [10-K data]
  • “A Big-Data Approach to Understanding the Thematic Landscape of the Field of Business Ethics”, with Ying Liu and Chris MacDonald, Journal of Business Ethics, 160(1), 2019[download]
  • “How Does Social Media Impact Bitcoin Value? — A test of the silent majority hypothesis”, with Qing Bai, Zhe (Jay) Shan, Xin Wang, and Roger Chiang, Journal of Management Information Systems, 35(1), 2018. [download] [data]
  • “Model-Based Capacitated Clustering with Posterior Regularization”, with Michael Fry and Jeffrey Ohlmann, European Journal of Operational Research, 271(2), 2018. [download][code]
  • “Supply-Chain Performance Anomalies: Fairness Concerns under Private Cost Information”, with Fei Qin, Michael Fry, and Amit Raturi, European Journal of Operational Research, 252(1), 2016. [download]
  • “The Journal of Consumer Research at Forty: A Historical Analysis”, with Xin Wang, Neil Bendle, and June Cotte, Journal of Consumer Research, 42(1), 2015. [download]
  • “Database – Market Dynamics and User-Generated Content About Tablet Computers”, with Roger Chiang and Xin Wang, Marketing Science, 33(3), 2014. [download] [data] [code]

Working Papers

  • “The Role of Corporate Culture in Bad Times: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic”, with Kai Li, Xing Liu, and Tengfei Zhang. [SSRN]
  • “What Makes You Different? Product Review Summarization with Brand Differentiation”, with Roger Chiang, Xin Wang, and Joe Naoum-Sawaya.
  • “Predicting Insider Trading from Financial Text: An Interpretable Deep Learning Approach”, with Rong (Emily) Liu, Zhe (Jay) Shan, and Ying Wu. (under revision)
    • FMA 2020
  • “Bursty Coordination in Online Communities”, with Lei (Nico) Zheng, Deborah Gordon, and Jeffrey Nickerson. [download]
    • ICIS 2019